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Special: Half Cabinet 100Mbps
100Mbps Dedicated Unlimited Usage 120 VAC UPS Generator Backup
Special: Full Cabinet 100Mbps
100Mbps Dedicated Unlimited Usage 120 VAC UPS Generator Backup
Special: Full Cabinet 1,000Mbps
1,000Mbps Dedicated Unlimited Usage 120 VAC UPS Generator Backup

Premium Power Features:

  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs) not only provide clean conditioned power, but also power your equipment during the time between an unlikely power outage and when the emergency generator becomes active.

    Uninterruptable Power Supplies
  • Backup batteries power the UPSs so that in the unlikely event of a power outage your servers will keep on running.

    Backup Batteries
  • In the unlikely event of a power failure, our Prime Source Generator will power up within the first few seconds, reinforcing the power from the UPS. With refueling our contracts, the Prime Source Generator can operate indefinitely.

    Backup Generator

Heat is the enemy of the server’s lifespan. If several of these 1u or 2u multi-processor servers are stacked on top of each other they will not have the advantage of the metal chassis for cooling. The chassis needs some airflow around the outside of the server.

It is wise to plan for either larger form factor servers (such as 4u) so that the cooling fans within them can move more air flow within them keeping them cool and lasting longer, or to leave more room around the entire outside of the servers for good cooling.

In contrast, it is not wise to stack 20 or more of these 1u servers in a single colocation cabinet with their chassis all touching each other. It is far better to either have good airflow around the chassis or to choose large form factor servers such as 4u that have better fans and more room with for airflow and thus better cooling.

4u servers will last much longer than 1u servers due to the better cooling. In Fremont Colocation we offer some specials so that 2 Cabinets with 15Amps each (30Amps total) costs the same as 1 Cabinet with 30Amps so it is better to spread out the servers. Or the same for 1 Cabinet with 40Amps as for 2 Cabinets with 20Amps each.

Servers and equipment will last longer due to the improved airflow around the chassis of the servers and equipment. It is always wise to engineer good planning for making colocation equipment last longer than needed by planning for good airflow and cooling. We offer a wide variety of power options that can meet most any need.

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