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Did you know that’s Knodes Index named Hurricane Electric in the Top 10 Internet Networks in the World?

"Hurricane Electric’s Network Ranked Top Ten Fremont, CA – March 6, 2006 – Hurricane Electric, a leading Technical Service Provider, has been named one of the top ten Internet networks in the world by’s Knodes Index, a list of the top ten networks in the world as measured by connectivity to the rest of the Internet.

Hurricane Electric made its debut to The Knodes Index as the tenth Internet network in the world, based upon connectivity. Hurricane Electric was ranked on a variety of statistics, including its relative size, IP address control, and peering arrangements. “We are very excited about making it to the top 10,” said Mike Leber, Hurricane Electric president.

“We have been actively adding and upgrading exchange points around the world to give us better performance over our entire network. Our goal is to continue to make improvements to our global network so we will rank even higher.”

Hurricane Electric has been making dramatic improvement to its network connectivity in the U.S., Europe, and around the world. In the past year, Hurricane Electric added a second exchange point in Los Angeles, CA by connecting to LAIIX, a neutral and scalable peering infrastructure located in Telehouse Los Angeles, and a second exchange point in Amsterdam by connecting to NL-ix (Netherlands Internet Exchange), a content oriented Dutch national Internet Exchange.

Hurricane Electric also increased the size of its connection to the AMS-IX (The Amsterdam Internet Exchange) exchange, one of Europe's largest neutral Internet exchange points, upgrading from a Gigabit Ethernet port to a 10 Gigabit Ethernet port.

Hurricane Electric’s future plans include more upgrades to existing exchange points and the opening of a new 208,000 square foot colocation facility in Fremont, CA to complement three other facilities it operates in San Jose, CA, Fremont, CA, and New York, NY. Hurricane Electric’s new colocation facility, located at 48233 Warm Springs, is expected to open within weeks."

Hurricane Electric Internet is a major worldwide Tier 1 International Internet Backbone Provider. HE has its own Internet Backbone and this is an international, fully redundant OC192 (10,000Mbps each) Internet Backbone.

This Backbone is all fiber optic and utilizes intelligent routing to make sure that our customers' traffic goes the most direct and fastest route to its destination. In addition to the HE international Internet backbone, we also directly connects to over two thousand (2,000) major national and international Internet networks. HE directly connects to AT&T, Level(3), Akamai, XO, Verio, Abovenet, Swisscom, Japan Telecom, Earthlink, Broadwing, MSN, etc. and most any major network that you can think of within the industry.

HE directly connects to and exchange traffic with most all major networks in order to increase the speed of data transfer by sending data directly to its destination. In addition to this, Hurricane Electric also has over one-thousand and two-hundred (2,000) peering sessions with major Internet Networks. This gives Hurricane Electric customers maximum speed and reliability.

Supplying high quality Internet services for 14 years (since 1994), Hurricane Electric continues to steadily grow satisfying mission critical Internet Service business needs. Hurricane Electric is older than Yahoo, EBAY and, and has continued to be profitable every single quarter for all 14 years since HE began.

This is an accomplishment unusual in the Internet industry and is a sign of great business leadership. Hurricane Electric has also grown over 10% per month for 14 years. This is very rapid sustained growth for a company over such a long period of time. To summarize, HE is a fast growing, profitable, and stable company.

There are few Internet Backbone companies that can rival the stellar record of Hurricane Electric Internet Services. By the way, don't get me confused with a Reseller. Resellers only give you very limited access to HE. Since we are one of the Largest Wholesale Brokers for HE, once your account is setup, you will have Direct Access to the HE Facility and High Quality HE Tech Support with FREE Unlimited Remote Hands that include not only reboots - but also typing commands over the phone by on site certified HE staff 24/7/365!

Fremont Colocation 'Looking Glass'

You can reach the Internet Data Center from any Internet network in the world. We have excellent connectivity to everywhere that is connected to the Internet. Below is more info about our network.

Also if you want to do trace routes to our network at that location from any other network you can use our looking glass to do that. It is at At the looking glass web page you would 1) For "Router" select "Hurricane Fremont, CA", then 2) For "Command" select "Traceroute" or "Ping", then 3) in the "Arguments" box put an ip address of the location on the other network you want to do a trace to. This will show you the speed and what networks it takes. Remember that "Traceroute" and "Ping" are relegated to the last and slowest priority on our network of all traffic, thus it will show the slowest a packet of information could take.

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