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Special: Half Cabinet 100Mbps
100Mbps Dedicated Unlimited Usage 120 VAC UPS Generator Backup
Special: Full Cabinet 100Mbps
100Mbps Dedicated Unlimited Usage 120 VAC UPS Generator Backup
Special: Full Cabinet 1,000Mbps
1,000Mbps Dedicated Unlimited Usage 120 VAC UPS Generator Backup

With Fremont Colocation, you get FREE REMOTE HANDS SERVICE!

For example, our colocation customer Hewlett Packard colocates in our State-of-the-Art Fremont Colocation Facility and uses our Remote Hands service to do any work physically that they need for their servers. They manage their servers form another state and never have to visit their equipment.

We include our Remote Hands service for tasks such as installing new hardware, setting up your network in colocation, swapping out hot-swappable hard drives, configuring an ip address, or helping on the phone to recover a server.

Most companies charge over $100 per hour for this, if it is even available. Since we offer this service in special locations such as the Silicon Valley Colocation Facilities (San Jose & Fremont) this allows them and other customers to still do all the services that they need and choose a location that will offers the special wholesale rates on the rack space.

We have happy customers who are located in Belgium, Taiwan, Hawaii, Florida, Alaska, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Italy, Japan, and all over the world who utilize our Remote Hands Service in our Fremont California Facility and use our Cisco certified 24/7 tech support who are always on site to do any physical services they may need on their hardware.

You could administer the servers remotely and we provide any needed support 24/7. With this type of service there is no local loop charge as there would be with a dedicated line to your location. This is a great way to go when you need to use a decent amount of bandwidth, need extreme uptime and have a low budget.

You can work on your servers as though they were under your desk! You can colocate many servers and access them via Terminal Server (Windows 2000/2003 Server) or VNC (Windows, Linux, Unix Servers). Terminal Server and VNC both give you a "console" view of the server from anywhere in the world.

You can easily save thousands of dollars each year in time and expense by selecting our premium colocation facility that could even be thousands of miles away from your home office. In addition to our great pricing, here are some other reasons why:

If you get a call at 2 a.m. that one of your servers is down, you would have to wake up, dress, find your car keys, drive to the facility, find a parking spot, walk from the parking garage to the building, go through the building security checkpoints, wait for a security guard who can escort you to the correct floor, locate your cabinet then finally once the security guard unlocks your cabinet, you can eventually log into your server.

This process could easily take from one to two hours before you can even begin to diagnose your problem! Not to mention the loss of time and frustration created by the disruption of your life that is created when you are on call at such a high level. In contrast, if you were to utilize a Remote Hands Service that a quality colocation service provider would include FREE of charge, you could receive a call from your server and then have a factory trained and Cisco certified network technician whom you could walk through your server restore over the phone in fifteen or twenty minutes! Wouldn’t that be a great solution? How does this work for your needs?

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